Strong partner in metal

AMS Metal

Rapid delivery periods, quality and efficiency are central to AMS. We are happy to assist you with sheet metal and construction work, machining, various welding procedures and various finishing shapes. We do this quickly, efficiently and at a low cost. At AMS everything and everyone is adapted to the manufacturing of large series and repeat products at these conditions. Our specialty is stainless steel, but we are known as a do-it-all company. For specific procedures such as robotic welding, coating, polishing and bead blasting, AMS is the place for you. At AMS we enjoy working with our clients. We always go the extra mile and look for the best solution for you. With more than 35 years of experience we can guarantee our clients the highest manufacturable quality, day in day out.

  • Excellent knowledge of quality demands in the food and non-food industry
  • Large and repeatable stainless steel and steel parts
  • Robotic welding
  • Ball polishing
  • Glass bead blasting
  • Quick delivery times
  • Efficient and hands-off production
  • Versatile specialist in stainless steel supply
  • From a single project to series work, all under one roof

The partner in metal supply
The industries we serve at AMS have high quality demands. We know the specific requirements set in the food and non-food industry through and through, we can always supply components and parts that meet the highest quality and hygiene requirements. By automating our procedures to a high extent we are able to manufacture large and repeatable parts. Because we have everything in-house we can work quicker, more flexible and more profitable. The intensive cooperation with our affiliate companies within the SNL Group ensure that we can provide the entire process. From sheet metal work and laser tube welding to mechanical operations with a high-quality finish. Delivery reliability is paramount at AMS, because we know that our clients need their ordered parts, components of sub-assemblies on time. We always make sure that we always have enough sheets in stock. We do not depend on external parties.



Sheet metal and construction work

Strong in small constructions and sheet metal works of large dimensions: this is AMS. Always considering the highest quality demands in the food and non-foods industry we are the supplier for all your sheet metal and construction work. >>

Frame construction

With an extensive and modern machine park we can supply every industry of high quality frame construction that meets the highest requirements. >>


AMS is also a supplier of high-quality sub-assemblies. These semi manufactured products always meet the highest quality demands so these parts can be used in every machine or in every frame. >>


Laser (tube) cutting

Nothing is as important as perfect quality and quick delivery. Because of our laser welding machine we, at AMS, are able to achieve this. >>


With high-quality CNC hydraulic press brakes, we can provide our clients with various bended sheet metal. >>

Robotic welding

Standardised quality, continuity, stock holding, rapid delivery and low costs: robotic welding is an unmistakable specialty of AMS. >>


In addition to robotic welding, at AMS we also use other (manual) welding processes such as TIG welding and MIG welding. >>

CNC machining

AMS is happy to think with you about the best CNC procedures. We have the correct machinery and work quickly and accurately. >>

Glass bead blasting

To give stainless steel products a finishing touch we recommend glass bead blasting. Our glass bead blasting cabin is approximately 153.6 m3! >>

Ball polishing

Ball polishing is a quick way to finish your products with a beautiful sheen and therefore the perfect finish for visible parts. >>


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SNL Companies

SNL Group stands for bundled forces in metallurgy. We supply metal and engineering solutions: from parts and components to customised systems, engineering and service. Whether it is a large series of work or special machinery, SNL Group offers the optimal solution for every situation.

SNL Systems is your reliable supplier of system solutions in mechanical engineering. We combine quality with flexibility and customisation and create the finest custom systems, modular construction, sub-assemblies and service parts, for the food and non-food industry.

SNL Metal provides premium stainless steel structures. From sub-structures and frame construction to sheeting constructions, hulls, landings, piping and piping systems, turning and milling work and premium welding work.

Laser and sheet metal work, supplied properly and quickly, yet at a very competitive price. From laser cutting and tube laser machining, to de-burring, edging and drilling, tapping and welding: at LWM Laserservice, your sheet metal work is in excellent hands.