Nothing is as important for the processing of metal as perfect quality and a quick delivery. Through our extensive machinery we are able to achieve this at AMS. Laser cutting is, in comparison to other thermal cutting processes, much quicker, much more precise and much more flexible. This makes laser cutting an ideal way of processing various material thicknesses and various shapes. You can contact us for the laser cutting of sheet metal, pipes and tube products. 

The extremely narrow cutting width and minimum distortion makes this way of cutting increasingly popular. Because laser cutting is so precise, finishing, such as polishing is often unnecessary. Our professional laser operators know exactly what they should do for an optimal result.

The quality of the final product and achieving the required delivery periods start from the first operation. In this case it is laser cutting. With the correct expertise and machinery in house our strength lies mainly in high quality series work with a short delivery time.  

At AMS we always have enough steel and stainless steel sheets in stock, in various qualities and finishes. Despite the fact that AMS specialises in repetitive series, we are also able to produce at a low cost price when producing small series.

Would you like to know what we can mean for you? 

Do you regularly have rush orders, and are you looking for a partner where you do not continuously have to request a new price offer? Then AMS Metal is the partner for you. We make clear agreements regarding price and delivery time so that you are guaranteed of a proper final result: the highest possible efficiency for the lowest possible price.

Contact us. We are happy to tell you more.